Solo exhibition 'NOT the Actual Site' at LhGWR

NOT the Actual Site
Stationsweg 137 in The Hague,NL

18 November 2017 - 20 January 2018
Opening Saturday 18 November at 15.00 

More info at http://www.lhgwr.com/marleen-sleeuwits-not-the-actual-site/

 A new site-specific installation in which photographic and sculptural works come together.

Marleen Sleeuwits is known for her photo works of constructed spaces that are recognizable by their time and placelessness. Through all the physical reconstructions and alterations of the skin of the rooms she leads the spectator to a more spiritual or psychic perception of space. Numerous transformations of one and the same space provide different perspectives and experiences of space and expose its true potential.
In recent years Marleen started to leave behind the use of her camera . The deformations and reconstructions have been further developed into sculptural works with their own power of expression. The space and, in particular, the skin of a space remains the starting point of the works, but is increasingly fragmented. By presenting the components together again a new layered installation is constructed. In the installation, originals, edits, reconstructions and new photographic interpretations are brought together into a new whole.


Apprentice Master #11 Marleen Sleeuwits

Apprentice Master exhibition #11:
17 mrt - 2 april 2017
OPENING Friday 17 March 19h30

at Kunstpodium T in Tilburg More info at www.apprentice-master.com

Marleen Sleeuwits (Master), Maureen Jonker (HKU), Machteld Steukers (SASK) and Bente Langendijk (HKU)

The exhibition 'OVERLAP' consist of four duo-presentations in which the different spaces of Kunstpodium T have been transformed into surreal environments. The four artist are all intrigued by contemporary and inexpensive materials like false ceilings, drain pipes or styrofoam. These materials form the basis of the site specific interventions. They create new perspectives on how to perceive the original space. Reality, fiction and copy all merge together just like it does in the work of all four artists.

The Apprentice Master project of Kunstpodium T connects graduating talented artists from eleven European art academies to inspiring contemporary artists. They work together, exchange knowledge and experience and exhibit together in a series of exhibitions.
The ninth edition of the Apprentice Master project 2016-2017 of Kunstpodium T consists of 64 young artists from 11 European art academies, 20 experienced contemporary artists exhibit together in a series of 20 exhibitions in 7 locations. 


Onomatopee, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Cabinet project
On the Soft Edge of Space
Solo exhibition by Marleen Sleeuwits
3.09. till 20.11.2016

Onomatopee website

Is it possible for our direct sensual experience of a space to derive understanding from a different representation of space?

The solo exhibition On the Soft Edge of Space of Marleen Sleeuwits derives its title from her artists’ book, recently published by Onomatopee. Like the book, the exhibition is a stage on which space is placed at the centre by exploring it in a particular visual manner.

By means of architectural, site-specific interventions, Marleen Sleeuwits manipulates space’s artificial nature to put our sensual experience of space to the test. Although the site-specific works in the Onomatopee show merge into the space’s architecture, they remain individual, unrelated sculptural objects, as slight deformations of reality. This renders space itself contradictory – that is, like a tangible fata morgana. Her work tries to find a new horizon in these poetics.

Does this just create a widening of the existing space, or does she call it into question? Usually, spaces are created to serve man, but here space appears to impose a will of it’s own on reality. This gives rise to the question if we, in a functional space of a man-made architectural structure, can relate to the space’s autonomy itself. We may have to test this: put an ear to the wall and listen intently or put our hand on the floor to feel its temperature. Maybe we should do more to appropriate the perspective of the walls of the space we stand in, which determine the proportion of the vacuum radius around us – like a dancer toeing the edge of the dance floor with his eyes closed.

The site-specific play with space, in space, is supplemented with the presentation of a number of photo works, which render the sensual side of reality abstract, like a script. And finally you can explore the book, which again plays with various perspectives: the page margins, the edges of walls in a photographed scale model, the frames of the works in the scale model et cetera.

Curated by Freek Lomme
Made possible thanks to the Municipality of Eindhoven and the Mondiraan Fund


Punt WG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Curved side down
Marleen Sleeuwits en Femke Dekkers
Curator: Radek Vana
14.9 till 9.10.2016

Punt WG website

A unique collaboration project of two established young artists working with photography. Both Marleen Sleeuwits and Femke Dekkers transform interior spaces in order to lift these out of the everyday grayness and functionality. Curved side down will be opened during West Wednesdays.

The work of Sleeuwits and Dekkers creates on the one hand a confusing shift of perspective from space to photography and from photography to painting (Dekkers) and on the other hand a dazzling flattened experience in which a three dimensional space almost disappears (Sleeuwits).

For puntWG Sleeuwits and Dekkers have developed an installation using the architecture of the exhibition space as a starting point. This elaborate construction initially filled the space completely, only to be dismantled after having been photographed. However, an almost life size print of the temporary construction is presented in this very space.

A strange Droste-effect, a ghost space in which the boundaries between architecture and photography, colour and colourless, real and fictitious, below and above and between Dekkers and Sleeuwits seem to have been abandoned.

There will be an artist talk on the 24th of September at 17.00 o'clock with Marleen Sleeuwits en Femke Dekkers.

The exhibition has been partly funded by Gallery Bart, AFK and Stroom Den Haag.


Paleis Soestdijk, The Netherlands

Curated by Anne van der Zwaag
25.6  till 25.09.2016

Paleis Soestdijk website

This summer I was commissioned to make a site specific work for the Royal Palace Soestdijk. The now empty palace has a rich history with colourful residents like Napoleon, Queen Mary and Prince Bernard.

Soestdijk was the Palace where Queen Juliana of the Netherlands lived who reigned till 1980. Before her Soestdijk was the home of previous Dutch Kings and Queens. After the summer of 2016 the Palace will get another function. To celebrate a last time in the Palace the summer exhibition BAL! was set up hosting over 40 installations of dutch artists, photograpers & designers.

For this group exhibition I'm creating my own version of the French formal garden which was once there. It's interesting to me the original garden was in essence two-dimensional with the intention only to be viewed from a particular elevated point. Though also very different, the link with my own work is quite evident as I also try to convey both space and flatness, flipping between one and the other like an optical illusion.


Diehl Cube, Berlin, Germany

as part of Prime Time: Archetypes of abstraction in photography
Curated by Ralf Hanselle
24.6 till 10.9.2016

Diehl Cube website

Other participating artist:
Richard Caldicott and
Luuk de Haan

The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive catalogue that can be ordered online
ISBN 978-3-9817940-1-4


The Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

23.1 till 8.5.2016

Nederlands Fotomuseum website

Five years on from its very successful first edition, the Nederlands Fotomuseum is proud to present QUICKSCAN NL#02, an exhibition that puts a finger on the pulse of Dutch photography to give the public a taste of the latest, most exciting trends in Dutch photography.

The exhibition will feature 15 to 20 photographers currently active in the Netherlands, showing work they have produced in the last two years that has mostly not yet been on show anywhere else.  The photographers and artists set to contribute to QUICKSCAN NL#2 include: Laurence Aëgerter, Gwenneth Boelens, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Anne Geene, Jan Hoek, Stephan Keppel, Kasia Klimpel, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Ola Lanko, Willem Popelier, Jannemarein Renout, Jan Rosseel, Collectief Salvo, Marleen Sleeuwits, Batia Suter, Elisabeth Tonnard and Mariken Wessels.

Signalling new trends
As with the first exhibition, the focus of QUICKSCAN NL#02 is not so much on revealing promising new talent as on the innovative ways in which photographers, graphic designers and fine artists are currently using the medium of photography. What new ways and possibilities are they exploring? Can we discern new developments and how do we interpret these?


Gallery FeldbuschWiesner, Berlin, Germany

13.2 - 12 -3 - 2016

FeldbuschWiesner website

FeldbuschWiesner Gallery presents deLight, featuring Susanne Rottenbacher, Marleen Sleeuwits and Sebastian Hempel. Oscillating between science, experimentation and aesthetic phenomenon, the exhibition explores the use of light as a primary medium.


Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Photography Extended
23.2. till 8.5.2016

Museum Het Valkhof website

Voor de derde keer toont Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen het werk van een aantal Nederlandse fotografen die zich bezighouden met geënsceneerde fotografie. Twaalf fotografen laten recent werk zien, dat veelal voor het eerst aan publiek getoond wordt. De expositie, die deze keer is samengesteld door gastcurator Nelly Voorhuis, geeft met meer dan 70 fotobeelden een kleurrijk overzicht van de diversiteit van het werk van kunstenaars die zich met deze vorm van fotografie bezighouden. Fotograaf Ruud van Empel is de initiator van deze reeks tentoonstellingen, waarvan de eerdere edities zeer succesvol waren.

Creatie van een nieuwe werkelijkheid
Bij de geënsceneerde fotografie legt de kunstenaar een beeld vast dat met zorg is gepland en voorbereid. Technische mogelijkheden worden benut om het proces maximaal te beheersen, het toeval wordt zoveel mogelijk uitgesloten. Met zorgvuldig gekozen objecten, figuren en achtergronden wordt een nieuwe werkelijkheid gecreëerd. De beelden zijn veelal bewerkt met digitale technieken, zodat er uiteindelijk een gemanipuleerde voorstelling ontstaat. Zowel het technische traject om het beeld te construeren, als het proces van waarneming van de toeschouwer - die zijn ogen bijna niet kan geloven - zijn bij geënsceneerde fotografie wezenlijk anders dan bij de traditionele vorm. Beide processen zijn uitgebreider en complexer: extended

Deelnemende fotografen
In totaal zal werk van 12 kunstenaars te zien zijn: Ruth van Beek, Kim Boske, Popel Coumou, Femke Dekkers, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Csilla Klenyánszki, Juul Kraijer, Diana Scherer, Marleen Sleeuwits, Isabelle Wenzel, Manon Wertenbroek en Jacquie Maria Wessels.

Nederlandse fotografie internationaal geroemd
Nederland staat in de kunstwereld bekend om de hoge kwaliteit van de fotografie in verschillende disciplines. Met vernieuwende fotografische visies op de werkelijkheid maken Nederlandse fotografen ook internationaal naam.


Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, The Netherlands

Danger & Beauty
Turner and the tradition of the sublime

Gevaar & Schoonheid.
Turner en de traditie van het sublieme
05.09. - 03.01.2016

Museum de Fundatie website

The Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle and Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede will collaborate with Tate Britain on the dual exhibition Danger & Beauty – Turner and the tradition of the sublime. Turner is to Britain what Rembrandt is for the Netherlands. His work is only very rarely exhibited in the Netherlands. The dual exhibition in Enschede and Zwolle presents more than 50 paintings and watercolours by Turner in the context of European art history, from the late Middle Ages to the present, with works by Aelbert Cuyp, Claude Lorrain, Gustave Courbet, Claude Monet, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Armando, Gerhard Richter and many others.


Gallery FeldbuschWiesner, Berlin, Germany

2.5 - 14.6.2014

FeldbuschWiesner website


In a modern world where digital photography and smartphones allow for instant
publishing and continuous reproduction, a new generation of artists are making a
conscious decision to adopt an artisanal approach, combining photography and
sculpture in an object-oriented photography.
If we look back at the history of sculpture we can see photographic principles
reflected in the sculptural process; here, the process is also visible vice versa. The
artists exhibited in Cut Fold Rewrite find ways to create colours and objects in
the camera, like Jessica Eaton, and construct spectacular landscapes and spaces
for their photographs, like Kasia Klimpel and Marleen Sleeuwits. Laurie Kang folds
and sculpts light-sensitive photographic paper into minimalist, sensuous sculptures;
Christiane Feser‘s multi-dimensional geometric object photographs create
a labyrinth of space and time.
The artists‘ studios become laboratories, where arranged still lifes and constructions
act asstatic subjects that are experimented on in a controlled environment.
This environment provides the conditions for the artists to search for new aesthetics
and forms for photography. They do not design within the picture, as for
example in the context of Bauhaus photography, but for the picture: with the
paper, with the camera, in the camera – basically, with the entire spectrum of
photographic material.
The subject and production process are not immediately obvious in their works,
as the artists turn their backs on classical forms of representation and capture
ephemeral moments and situations. The materialisation of processes is their primary
interest. Pictures no longer make reference to a single subject and a fixed
point in time, but create fictional places and times. The relationship between
object and representation forms a point of departure for their work, from which
the medium is put under scrutiny and the borders between photography and
sculpture are constantly renegotiated.


Hyères International Festival of Photography, France

The 29th Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival
25.4 - 23.5.2014

Hyères Photography Festivals' webite

Anna Grzelewska, Poland
Osma Harvilahti, Finland
Arnaud Lajeunie, France
Orianne Lopes, France
Birthe Piontek, Germany / Canada
Virginie Rebetez, Switzerland
Marie Rime, Switzerland
Marleen Sleeuwits, Netherlands
Charlotte Tanguy, France
Lorenzo Vitturi, Italie / United Kingdom


The Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Exhibition Wit
14.9.2013 till 5.1.2014

Het Nederlands Fotomuseum kleurt WIT! Van 14 september 2013 tot en met 5 januari 2014 presenteert het museum de tentoonstelling WIT | FOTOGRAFIE, KUNST, DESIGN, MODE, FILM. In deze tentoonstelling is bestaand en nieuw werk te zien van nationaal en internationaal talent, gevestigde en opkomende kunstenaars. De tentoonstelling WIT is een totaalervaring met fotografie als leidraad. Wit staat voor een nieuw begin, een onbeschreven blad.

Deze kleur vormt het uitgangspunt voor een veelzijdige tentoonstelling waarin het publiek in aanraking komt met verschillende betekenissen van wit. WIT is multidisciplinair, presenteert documentaire-, portret- en landschapsfotografie, maar ook kunst, mode, design, architectuur, film, video en meer. WIT gaat over onze maatschappij, over verschillende culturen, religie en politiek. WIT is historisch en eigentijds; een ontdekkingstocht langs verhalen en belevenissen vol met tegenstellingen tussen licht en donker, open en dicht, leven en dood. WIT toont de relatie tussen fotografie als kunstvorm en actuele maatschappelijke thema’s, alsook de wisselwerking tussen de eigen collectie, bijzondere bruikleenstukken en unieke werken in opdracht. WIT is samengesteld door Anne van der Zwaag, curator en publicist op het gebied van kunst, design, mode, fotografie en kleur!


Levallois Photography Prize, France

Special mention for the Levalois Photography Prize, France
4.10. - 16.11.2013

Website Prix levallois

Exhibition together with
Max Pinckers and Jonna Kina


Belo Horizonte International Photography Festival, Brazil

Museu Mineiro
12.7. - 23.8.2013

FIF website

The first Belo Horizonte International Photography Festival (FIF-BH) has the purpose of, for the duration of a month, turn the city into a meeting center for debates and reflections on the photographic production in Brazil and the rest of the world, by means of lectures, exhibitions, workshops, portfolio reviewing sessions, projections on the city and a Photographic Marathon.

The event will gather important Brazilian and foreign thinkers and producers to the city, who are to develop all the activities which comprise the Festival, so as to build a space dedicated to reviewing and understanding this intense process of production, distribution and consumption of images, through a consistent reflection on photography and images in the world today


LhGWR, The Hague, The Netherlands

Transparency of appearance
1.3 - 19.4.2014

LhGWR website

In the exhibition Transparency of appearance Marleen Sleeuwits will present new works from her renowned series Interiors.

For the first time she will also present spatial works. For the past year Sleeuwits worked in a vacant sixteen stories high office building. She deformed and (re)-constructed several offices in a way that is most reminiscent of installations and sculptures with a temporary nature.

Interiors is a personal and layered research, which is not about the actual existing spaces, but is about mental spaces. It suggests they are in the twilight zone between reality and illusion. In the spatial works this experience becomes even more tangible.


Jeonju Photofestival, South Korea

Tranquil Dynamism
고요한 역동:
Photography that captures space and architecture
24.4. - 6.5.2010

Jeonju Photo festival website

Re-presenting the very landscape and space you pass by every day by framing them through a lens, reveals the tranquillity, hidden behind frozen time and space. The tranquil nature existing within frozen time and space enlivens an emotion attached to it; dynamism once existed in architecture by housing human activities is transformed into tranquillity, yet, it invigoratingly blooms the flower called emotion. This animated emotion creates dynamism within tranquillity. Photo taker’s intention, either to document the architecture/space or emotion attached to architecture/space is dissociated by the viewers, and each and every viewer re-associates frozen time and space they see with their own collective memory. This whole process generates dynamism; the dichotomy between photo-takers and viewers embodies tranquil dynamism by an interaction.

The intention of the exhibition ‘Tranquil Dynamism,’ is to bestow an additional layer onto, already-known, dichotomy between the occidental and oriental, or Europe and Korea; photo takers and viewers. By introducing the imagery in which seemed to be familiar for one party to the other whom they have the different perception based on geographical and cultural upbringing, I would like the parties to exploit the differences between the two by oscillating intention and translation. Specifically with this exhibition, the two parties are the ones who live in Jeonju and who do not, and the other pair would be European photographer and Korean viewers.

Participating artist,

Lucie and Simon, France
David Picchiottino, France
Marleen Sleeuwits, the Netherlands
Stephan Zirwes, Germany
Guy Archard, UK
Filip Dujardin, Belgium
Marcin Sacha, Poland
Jose Javier Serrano, Spain  


Brno House of Arts, Czech Republic

One on One
12.2. - till 21.3.2010

Stroom website

Curator: Radek Váňa

Exhibition featuring the artists who received the Stroom Premium subsidy in 2008. Dům umění města Brna presents the exhibition ‘One on One' curated by Radek Váňa.

Marleen Sleeuwits, Rachel Bacon and Zeger Reijers are presented alongside artists from the Czech Republic: Jan Nálevka, Kateřina Šedá and Milan Houser.


MKgalerie, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition Transformations; 
- Metamorphosis
- Changes
- Recreations
25.3 - 26.4. 2009

Group-exhibition with

Wim Bosch
Jan van Nuenen
Pim Palsgraaf
Danwen Xing